Monday, February 8, 2010


I know it's February and everyone has love on the brain.  And I guess I do too.  But not necessarily the sappy-Kay's-Jewelry-commercial type of love (although Dr. C does still make my heart race), but the deep down, life-changing, boundless love that I have for my family. 

After Dr. C and I got to unwind  last night(and catch the last of the Saints' big win), we went to check on the boys.  They'd pushed their beds together and then fallen asleep--apparently the 4 feet that normally seperates their beds was too far.  It was just a little sign that they love each other.

T-Man and Fearless take good care of Miss B.  They are the only ones that can get her to smile while eating vegetables.  When they play with her, she is enamored with them; she is completely ecstatic to be the center of their attention.  She loves them, and they love her.

As for how I feel about my family--Oh how I love them!  Dr. C and how hard he works for us and how he still does things around the house and never complains when I forgot to switch over the laundry.  And how he will do anything to make me happy--including taking me to The Big City on a random Saturday b/c I just really miss Target.  He is 

And T-Man with his amazing ability to understand and comprehend and communicate way beyond his little five years.  Sometimes, I forget that he was ever is still little. 

And Fearless with his endless energy and his surprising quirks and ability to make me laugh and keep me on my toes.  And how he always has a kiss and a hug for his mama (even when he's mad at me.) 

And Miss B--when I cuddle her, I'm intoxicated by the love I feel for her.  She has taught me more in her short 10 months of life than I could have ever learned without her.  She taught me that my love for my family is deeper than I even knew and just how blessed I am to have them.

So yes, love is in the air...but more importantly it is in my home, in my family and in my heart.


Jenny said...

That is so sweet :)

You have a beautiul family <3

Bethany said...

Ugh ... she is so dang cute!!!!!!

Wright Family said...

how sweet! I can't believe how your family has grown up! They are so big now. Hope Valentines is great for you guys and it sounds liket it will be.

Blake and Audra said...

This made me want to be part of your family. Such sweet words about the people you love most.

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