Friday, January 29, 2010

The Exciting Conclusion to Mission: Impossible

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from last week's installment of Mission: Impossible--
  • 2 sets of medical records needed to be faxed from NE to Dr. TennesseeHearts
  • 10 phone calls
  • One promise to send records made
  • One refusal to send records made
  • One voicemail saying that denied records were actually going to be sent to me
And now you're up to speed!

After all the phone calls, I remembered that Miss B's service coordinator from NE had sent us some of the hospital records, so I decided to take those with me, hoping they would be right.

Amazingly, some records from Children's Hospital that I didn't have were, in fact, delivered to my home on Monday.  Funny thing though, they also included someone else's registration for their insurance wellness program.  It kind of looks like whoever jotted down my new address on the back of these forms and just threw them all into the envelope by mistake.  Slightly ironic that I had to pull teeth to get MY OWN DAUGHTER'S records and yet I had to do nothing to get some random person's wellness information.  I'm sure the HIPAA people would love that.

I took the whole stack of records to Dr. TennHearts.  Once there, I asked to make sure that the records that Dr. Heart in NE promised to send were there.  And....a big fat NO on that one.  I'm not sure if they just never made it out of Dr. Heart's office or if they just stayed in Dr. TennHeart's home office instead of coming to The City with him...but either way, the ONE set of records that I was counting on being there, were gone.  I shouldn't have been surprised!

I finally hand the stack of records I had over to the nurse for them to make copies.  Dr. TennHearts flipped through the stack, picked out THREE PIECES OF PAPER to be copied, smiled and said, "that's all I need."

Are you kidding me?  I spent over 2-3 hours trying to track down all the papers and ensure that he had them all--and he only needed THREE papers that had been sitting on my bookshelf the whole time.  He should have at least given me a golden star for effort or something.

Three pieces of paper. 

That's it. 

Go Figure.


Kristin said...

Hi - thanks for finding us and leaving a comment :)

Rebecca said...

WOW! You definitely deserve a gold star for your effort. MedRecords are always a pain to have to get. And I laughed/shook my head about the random records. No doubt HIPPA would love that. :)

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