Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Miss B smiled at me today! I hope that is a sign that she is starting to feel better. Southern Dr. Kids was in today and has the respiratory therapists start doing the percussian therapy to help break up the congestion--but since we are a small county hospital, they don't have the fancy machine the children's hospital in Omaha I'm not sure how effective what they are doing actually is.

She has spent more and more time out of the O2 tent today--which is good news. We'll see what Southern Dr. Kids says when she comes back for evening rounds tonight. Unfortunately, Clueless Dr. Kids is on deck for rounds tomorrow, so who knows what will happen then, but I'm hopeful that maybe we will get to come home tomorrow.

I'll try to post again tomorrow!


E. Lee said...

Woot! I'd say that the smile is a better prognosis than anything the Dr.s can tell you.:) Enjoy having your sunshiney lil' girl back and feeling better!

Heidi said...

You've had more than your fair share of hospitals lately! I hope you have many more smile days...all in a row. Good luck!

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