Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our First Buddy Walk

Today we went to our first Buddy walk and it was awesome! I'd been feeling a little lonely in our new neck of the woods because 1.) it takes a little while to find a group of friends that you just flow with and 2.) I thought that we were the only family with a baby with Down syndrome in our town. I was really excited the other day when Miss B's OT told me that there was a new little 4 month old with Ds that she had started working with and that she would try to have us meet. I was hoping that maybe they would be there today, but no such luck. BUT, I did meet other families from around the north part of the state--one little guy was just a week older than Miss Banana and we lots of little 2-3 yr. olds and one 13 year old who is gearing up for his second reconstructive throat surgery--if you remember to keep him in your prayers, I know his mom would appreciate it.

It was so comforting to talk with other parents that just know. No offense to my other family and friends--I really appreciate all the love and support and understanding that everyone has shown us--but there is something different when you can talk about some of the most difficult times of your life with someone you just met and know that they really, actually know. It's hard to explain the connection--an instant bond--I feel with other parents of kids with special needs; but talking today with those other moms, I could say as much or as little about our experience as I wanted and it was okay because either way, they just understood. I feel the same way about all the wonderful people I have met online too--I feel like I could just invite any of them over for dinner, even though we've never actually met. The Down syndrome community is simply amazing. A year ago, I had no idea it even existed, and now I feel privileged to be part of it. Thank you Miss Banana to adding such a richness to my life that I didn't even know I was missing!

Due to some misperceptions of our new state's geography (I swear we are in the center portion of the state, but according to the locals, we are northeast. If you look at the map, I think the facts are in my favor, but when in Rome...) Anyway, I also signed us up for the Buddy Walk with the Central group, which is next weekend. I am so excited to go and meet more amazing friends. We'll be more prepared for next week too--I felt like a slacker mom because we didn't decorate the stroller, have buttons with Miss B's picture on them, or have any signs. Hopefully next week we'll be more on top of things!


Nicole said...

I am so glad to hear that you are finding people who you connect with. It is nice to have someone who just understands how you feel and what you are going through. It is much easier to talk to someone who knows that without feeling like you are just unloading on some poor person who asked how things are going. Good Luck with the stroller decorations! I am sure the boys would have fun helping with that.

E. Lee said...

I know it's not an apt comparison, but I do know what you mean. When we returned to New Orleans a few months after Katrina, it was such a relief to be in the company of people who just knew...who'd grieved as we had and who also celebrated the tiny joys ["OMG you mean a REAL grocery store has finally reopened?!"] like we had. It's certainly a gift to be appreciated, and I'm glad you're experiencing it in your new home. :) Also, working on an easy, yummy enchilada recipe!

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