Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pictures Galore-Part 4: T-Man's 5th Birthday and Miss Banana

Okay, so I know this is turning into one of those "slideshows-of-my-summer-try-not-to-yawn" things, but hey, it's my blog, so you'll have to endure.

These are from T-Man's 5th Birthday--Happy Birthday T-Man! When did you get so big??

A new bigger bike...hopefully in a few weeks we'll lose the training wheels.
With this birthday, we entered the Lego age. I've been avoiding the little Legos until now--I still have painful memories of stepping on my brothers' Legos, but T-Man loves them, so I gave in.

I know everyone has been dying to see new pics of Miss Banana--so here they are. Isn't she simply the cutest baby ever?? I mean seriously, those checks and her cute little pigtails...what's not to love?

I love how expressive she is with her eyes--you can tell she's saying, "What is up with that light flashing me in the face??"

More big smiles...too cute!!

1 comment:

E. Lee said...

Hahahah, the Bananna has Fearless' curious little eyebrows. She's growing up so fast!

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