Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forever Young

Let me start out this post by saying that I think I look--and feel--my age or older--T-Man and Fearless have even commented on my wrinkles (gotta love the honesty of kids!) but to those who do not know me, I apparently look much younger. When I was the YW President and worked with the teenage girls at my church, another leader thought that I was one of the teenage girls. To top that, one of the teenage boys thought I was a teenager as well! A few weeks ago, I did a garage sale, and as I chatted with people, many said they were surprised I had 3 kids and that I didn't look that old. I will probably appreciate this as I get older, but right now, it just causes some awkward moments with people--moments when I know people are coming to conclusions about me and there is nothing I can do about it. Like the one that transpired with the checker at Target yesterday.

Here's the setup: I was with Miss Banana; T-Man and Fearless were at day camp. I had picked out some shirts and pants for the boys (same things in 2 different sizes) and a couple of items for Miss Banana. The guy scanned the baby things without comment, but when he got to the boys' clothes, he asked if I needed a gift receipt. I said no, I have two boys so I needed the things in 2 different sizes. (This is where awkward conversation begins.)

Checker: (surprised) You have 3 kids?!
Me: Yep.
Checker: (suddenly silent, obviously sizing me up and eyeing me suspiciously) How old are they?
Me: 5, 3, and 3 months (flashes wedding ring, trying to project being "older")
At this point the checker is silent and all pleasantry has stopped. Finally, he gets to the "would you like to open a Target credit card?"
Me: (trying to regain camaraderie) No thanks, we are moving to a city that doesn't have a Target
Checker: (not as friendly as before) oh, where's that?
Me: a small, university town
Checker: oh, are you going to start school there?
Me: No, my hubby is going to be a professor there
Checker: Oh! Hmm. (Look that says: TEENAGE MOM MARRIED MUCH MUCH OLDER MAN!)

At this point Miss Banana started wailing, so I had no further chance to try to convince the guy that I was not what he had surmised--I wanted to burst out with "I already have my degree! My children weren't born until after I was finished with college!" but I thought that would maybe add to the wierdness and I decided to just let it go.


Kurt and Kristy said...

LOL!! What a great post!! You should just start wearing a sign or something!! Be thankful that you still look great and young after having 3 kids!!

E. Lee said...

Ugh--people are so weird. Checker Guy probably just doesn't understand how the world can work outside of his own little paradigm (which is probably chock full of youngins' with youngins'). It happens at work all the time-the attorneys for the other parties think I must be some engineering student, interning after my freshman year at college. Then I get up, and cross-examine their witness on the stand, and they're shocked. It doesn't help that they work for big firms that don't let their younger attorneys see the inside of the courtroom till they are in their 40s.

Marisa said...

I feel for you, not that I'm young (or old) mine comes mostly from "you have HOW MANY kids." Yes, I'm 32 (almost) and have 5 kids, beginning 2 years AFTER I was married. Which just leads to-"you got married at 19?" Who in the right mind does that?".

Courtney said...

Sometimes I would love to shout out to people "I have a degree." Best of luck in keeping up with looking so young- I feel I am looking older everyday.

Nicole said...

I have the same problem! I remember when I would go shopping with my mom when I was pregnant with Alex. I got countless stares from people who thought I was a teenage mother. And with my second, I always wanted Alex around when I went anywhere with my mom.

Jenny said...

I totally know what you mean! I'm 27 and I think most people think I'm 18 or 19. Plus I have a very distinct little girl voice so whenever telemarketers call they ask if my Mommy is home. Sometimes I think people just don't take me seriously. :P Hopefully it gets better as you age...

Wilkerson Family said...

lol that's so funny.

Sasha said...

What a cute picture. Funny story!!!

Brett said...

Lol - I get the reverse of those looks whenever I'm with any of my sisters when my brothers in law aren't there. :-P

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