Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The news

We headed back to Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist today and learned more about Miss Banana's heart--apparently her surgery will be "trickier" because of the way the tissue is and with some narrowing of some arteries, she will possibly need more heart surgeries as life goes on. Right now Miss Banana's weight gain (or lack thereof--she was still 10 lbs. today) is holding her back from surgery. Dr. Pediatric Cardiologist will have a meeting of the minds on Monday with all the other docs/surgeons at Children's and will book the surgeons then. So the wait for a surgery date continues until Monday.


Joni said...

I'm sorry you are still waiting. That is the hardest thing sometimes. But those pictures are ADORABLE. So sweet!

Nicole said...

Hopefully you will get a date and more info soon. She is so adorable. I don't know if children really look better in one color or another but I think she looks good in that purple dress.

Courtney said...

She is beautiful! Sorry to hear about the weight gain troubles... We miss you guys.

Katy and Landon said...

It was so nice to hear from you! Grant's problems have revolved around gastrointestinal stuff - his heart had any troubles. It seems that most kids get one or the other. Grant had a few major surgeries early on to repair his esphogus and put in a g-tube, but finally at 3 years old, he's off the gtube and doing very well with eating/swallowing!

He's had a few other minor/outpatient surgery stuff for 'random' body parts (ears, tear ducts). Having never dealt with the heart stuff, I can't truly imagine how scary/frustrating it must be - I'm sorry things are going better in that area. It's so hard to see our sweet ones, who bring so much love, have to face such health challenges. I will look forward to hearing more about her surgeries and the easy success I pray comes with it! She is absolutely darling and I know she'll captivate all who meet her!

(I did a bunch of posts about Down syndrome-in general and Grant-specefic - back in March...feel free to check in the archives of March. It tells a tiny bit more about our story and one of the later posts about 'phrasing preferences' I partially stole from you-thanks by the way!)

Katy and Landon said...

I don't seem to know how to type this morning....:)

I meant to say "his heart hasn't had any troubles"


"I'm sorry things aren't going better in that area"

Lindsey said...

She is beautiful. I hope you can get a date soon. I'll be praying for you.

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