Saturday, April 4, 2009

Musings of a 40-Weeks Pregnant Woman

1. I am still pregnant. My due date is tomorrow, but I want to give our little daughter a few more days to make an appearance on her own. My patience with that will end on Thursday when I have an induction scheduled.

2. Has anyone else noticed that Nebraska seriously has the craziest weather? Only in Nebraska would you be under a severe weather advisory and have a winter weather advisory at the same time. I mean really, where else gets tornadoes AND snow all at once?? My patience with winter is also gone--too bad I can't schedule spring to come!

3. I have given up my house being clean for more than 12 hours. If you come to visit me, please know that at one point, my house was tidy--even though at the moment it might look like it got hit with one of those crazy tornadoes mentioned in #2.

4. T-Man is really a child in his own class--tonight he turned down watching "A Bug's Life" in favor of a BYU-TV special on family history and missionary work done in Hawaii. Seriously?? Sometimes I have to remind myself he's only four years old.

5. Back in November, we bought a Honda Odyssey--our Mazda wouldn't have fit three car seats across the back. For most of my life I have mocked mini-vans...but now that I AM a mini-van mom--I love it! I have no idea why I thought mini-vans were so uncool because honestly, I have never had another vehicle that reminds me how much I love it every time I drive it. There are still days that I don't feel like I am old enough to be a mini-van mom with three kids, but if you are going to have kids, a mini-van is definitely the way to go. By the way, my husband is the best for letting us get the one that I wanted.

6. I have recently read a few personal story books on Down syndrome--one is called "Gifts" and the other is "Road Map to Holland". I would recommend them to anyone, although if I had read them sometime before our diagnosis, they would not have had the same effect on me as they do now.

7. I was recently released as the Young Women's President in our ward after two years--which was completely bittersweet. It was time for me to be released and it's nice to have a little more down time, but so hard to let go of seeing my girls every week. They are so great to work with--I hope that they will keep me up to date what goes on in their lives. I love them to pieces and feel very privileged to have spent so much time with them and to have learned from them. They have each touched my life in a way that will never be forgotten.

8. Did I mention that I am STILL pregnant???


Kate said...

I think you did mention that you are still pregnant-lol. You were young womens president for TWO years? I thought it was only one Year. Wow. And I agree-it was bittersweet. Of course I'll keep you up to date- sorry, but your not getting rid of me just because you got released and am moving! I hope your little girl makes her apperance in the world soon! by the way- your a way cute mini-van mom : )

E. Lee said...

Is it birthday-day yet?!

Nicole said...
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Andrea Johnson said...
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Heidi said...
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Michelle said...
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