Monday, May 12, 2008

The second 100 miles

Another 100 miles have come and gone...things I've learned:
  • You do finally get used to getting up early.
  • I am still not a Runner, I'm just a "person who runs". I think true Runners look forward to their runs; I still look forward to the run being over!
  • It is soooo much easier to run with someone else--Thanks Andrea!


Wright Family said...

I am so impressed! you go girl! and anyone who can run than many miles and still get up and do some more is a "runner" in my book! good luck!

Jenny said...

You are awesome. Thanks for your encouragement. So how do you make running work for you? What time do you get up? It sounds like you run with a friend; where do you run? How many miles are you doing a day/week? Where did you get your training plan?

It's a little different being in a new big city to start running again, so I figured whatever I do right now will be good. I am seriously impressed! And I would LOVE advice, so feel free to post comments on my running blog 'cause I could use all the motivation and support I can get right now!

P.S. I can't remember if I have an invite to your blog or not; I'd love to still access yours, so send me one if you haven't already. I wasn't sure if you'd already switched it over or not...

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