Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This and That

Things have been quiet on the blog front lately and here's why:

We decided to start potty training Fearless...after 2 days, 3,864,982 tries, we had 2 successes and 10 accidents. For my sanity's sake, we put it all away and will try again when the last package of diapers runs out in a couple of days.

I ran my first 10K race a little while ago--and I did okay. My time was 57:47--so a 9:18 pace. Which is still slow, but both of my 5K splits were faster than the 5K I ran a month ago, so that is an improvement! As an added bonus, I'm beginning to get used to my alarm--that or else I'm just so worn out by the end of the day that my body doesn't have the ability to worry anymore; it just wants to sleep.

We planted some heirloom tomato seeds to get started for our garden. I was so excited for all the little plants to come up! I put them outside thinking sunlight is good for plants, but apparently not. They all completely fried and withered up and died. What a bummer! Luckily, some of the seeds hadn't sprouted yet, so those ones came up the other day...but they also died when T-Man decided to pick all of their leaves. You'd think with my husband's agriculture background and upcoming PhD, we'd be able to grow some simple tomato plants, but I guess when the boys and I undo all his hard work, it's a lost cause!

Those are our highlights for the last few weeks. Of course there has been the day-to-day utter craziness, but all of that is just normal--or at least I think that it is. There is some sort of oxymoron in saying that being crazy is normal, isn't there?


Heidi said...

Wow! You're brave to start tomato plants from the seed...something I've never attempted!

Oh, by the way, your scriptures are at the church. I had a kid in class ask in the middle of a lesson, "Who is Carrie Roberts?" I guess they got stuck on the book shelf, so they're there if you're wondering what happened to them.

Carrie said...

Thanks Heidi--I figured I left them there somewhere!

Marisa said...

Crazy is the only normal a SAHM knows. At least all the mom's I know. Too bad about the tomatoes. We miss our little tomato plants. We haven't had time to get the ground ready for a garden-we're still working on the inside of the house. Maybe next year we'll be eating cucumber and tomato salads again.

Courtney said...

The same thing happened to our tomatoes.... I think we are going to have to get plants again this year. So much for trying to do it ourselves.

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