Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Science Observations

Lead scientist T-Man is studying our solar system. Thanks to The Magic School Bus, T-Man has learned that no one lives on Mars. The reason? According to T-Man, "Because their mommy told them it was not okay to live there and they need to go home."


Heidi said...

Hey Carrie, your boys are adorable, I'm trying the brownies, I can't believe you have run 100 miles,I have run zero, and since I have not used the computer for anything except my kids scrapbooks for the last 3 1/2 years I am not going to try to change my identity. I noticed after I signed in there is another Heidi, I don't usually need additional identification so Heidi with a capital H is me, here in St. Louis. Don't you love kids scientific observations, and I also have a massive heart attack everytime Chip's alarm goes off.

Heidi said...

OK, so the capital H doesn't show up when my comment is published. Dang, I'll have to learn something new today, how to change my blogger identity.

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