Friday, April 11, 2008

The first 100 miles

Today, my cumulative miles add up to over 100! With my new 100-mile wisdom, these are some things that I have learned:
  • Good running shoes are a must.
  • Running in rain and snow is not bad, it's the Nebraska wind that is killer!
  • Waking up to alarm every morning causes me severe anxiety, which is leading to my current problem of insomnia. For the past three and a half years, the boys have been my alarm. Now that I am getting up before them to run, I am scared to death of the alarm going off (I think just b/c I'm not used to it?), which causes me to start waking up at 2:30AM, fall back asleep around 3:30, wake up at 3:45, fall back asleep around 5, then wake up at 6 and lay in bed waiting for the alarm to beep. It makes me feel like I am taking crazy pills! For those of you who get up every morning to the the sound of heart-stopping beeps, and still sleep well at night, I salute you.
  • I get some sort of sadistic amusement out of running up quietly behind squirrels, then when they notice me, watching them jump 20 feet in the air and take off running as fast as their little legs can carry them. I don't know why this never fails to make me smile; maybe I think it's some sort of payback from them eating my tulip bulbs.
  • My cross-country coach in high school was right; running is 90% mental, 10% physical.
Those are my insights for now...103 miles down, 780 to go before Indianapolis!


Megan said...

You've run 100 miles in just over a month! I don't know if I've run that far in my whole life! I'm so proud of you!

Kate said...

103!! good job!!! :D

Marisa said...

Way to go. I'm with you on the alarm clock insomnia. Travis's alarm goes off, but I'm like you. If there's less than 4 hours before the alarm is set to go off when I wake up-it's all down hill from there. Been that way for years. YUCK!

abi said...

haha about the squirrels! I used to walk early in the morning before it was light out, and my friend and I would totally freak ourselves out about the rabbits and foxes and "things" that would cross the trails in front of us. Too funny!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the inspiration! Between reading about your sucess and Emily Evershed's you have convinced me to start running!

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