Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Baby Sign Language

A couple of people were asking me about this and then Natalie talked about signing on her blog, and it reminded me of how much I LOVE sign language. The boys know a ton of signs, which really helped cut down on the tantrums. My absolute favorite kid videos are Signing Time. They are the only shows that Fearless will sit through (no other shows keep his attention for longer than about 30 seconds!) and I don't feel bad about the boys watching them, because they are learning another language! The newest signs the boys have are: zebra, tiger, lion, office, helicopter, shark, playground, garden, grow, "may I be excused" and a ton more. I love signing!!!! Here's the SigningTime website: http://www.signingtime.com/ Go check it out!


Wright Family said...

oh Carrie I would love to borrow one. Yeah, I am a fan of it too. I wrote a paper on it in one of my college classes and I did a lot of research about it and it is so good for children to get such an emphasis on language from their parents.

Kate said...

hm...i will have to tell my sister that.

Lisa R said...

I really enjoyed reading about how signing worked for you guys! Your boys are adorable. I would have never recognized Tate without all of his hair!!!! Thanks for the invite.
Hopefully we can get a site up and running soon!

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